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Solana Skullies

Just art... For now.

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Unique at its core

With bold personalities and vibrant colors, plus millions of COMBINATIONS! every Skullie is a 1 of 1


Meet our community

Memes and fanart competition


Launch Details/ Specifics

Series 1A: PNGs

Supply of Skullies: ~130 (PNGs)
Dev Royalty: 3.5%

Mint Status: Complete

Series 1B: GIFs & PNGs

Supply of Skullies: TBD (GIFs)
Dev Royalty: TBD
1 NFT/ Transaction

PRESALE - accessible via private link
Early-Mid December - Midday UTC
0.6 $SOL

Early-Mid December - Late UTC
0.8 $SOL

Newer members can be automatically entered into the presale if they are active in chat. (reach XP level 3)

Our Roadmap

The Beginning

Asking ourselves, what has not been done yet? What art styles can we capture? How can we be realistic about our promises to the community

Cataloguing art styles, past NFT project and deciding on an art theme.

The "Back-End"

Creating the infrastructure for a website that expects a heavy load.

Forging tools and resources to upload and launch a large collection of JPEGs.

The "Front-End"

Establishing a online presence through Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Sol Project discovery channels.

Producing a coherent website that is the face of our project.

Ensuring A Fair Drop

By deploying the opensource CandyMachine software on our website we will be securing equal opportunity for all our fans when they mint a Skullie.

We will also be arranging our traits in a manner in which anyone will have a rough idea of the rarity of an item, based on its visual appearance (eg. crown trait is higher),
we will also be releasing a rarity chart on the day of launch to assure the community the scarcity of their token.

Supporting Early Founders

To give back to the community we will be producing Skullie tufted carpets in a limited quantity to ~ 333 members via a series of giveaways. This is a fair and achievable target to hit, and we aim to ship by the end of the year

Series 2?

To expand on Skullies we want to create a series of small, well-curated, and well-designed gang of characters that exist in the same fictional world as our original cute skeletons.

Merch & Beyond

We believe the articulated cartoon aesthetic of Skullies can assimilate into some high-quality merchandise


Debriefing Part 1

you all may know the Skullies project is completely community driven, our whole mindset behind the Skullies is as follows:

We want to make an NFT project that you as the community can fully endorse, and be comfortable bringing up in an NFT conversation alongside the greats, and know, that what you have, is more than just a shill NFT, what you own, has been built up out of love and support directly from the community,knowing that your voice, your ideas and your genuine love of NFTs has influenced a project. We know how many of you want to start an NFT project but may not have the technical skills or knowledge of crypto and we like to welcome those like minded people into the community and have the opportunity to submit ideas and vote on others ideas! We like to see our members mingle, chat enjoy each others art work whilst building a strong online presence across all social media. You don't have to be a celebrity or a millionaire or a shill Influencer to get involved early on. Our main point to focus on is over the next few weeks and months is that we are building the community, more members, stronger social media presence across all platforms,weekly and monthly quizzes, giveaways, fanart competitions for airdrops, exclusive competitions to have your designs added to the Skullie Metaverse! We all need to band together and amp up the interaction going among us all! This is only the very, teeny-tiny start of the Skullie Project and we cannot wait to watch this community grow!

Generated 6666; minted to 130 exclusive members!

Price of 0.75 $SOL and 0.5 $SOL for Presale members


**All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary

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